Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

For the good purpose of these terms and conditions, the term:
Buyer: the person making the order the product,
Contract: the firm irrevocable order for a product, made on site by the purchaser and presupposing the approval of these terms of sale by the buyer.
Parties: Seller and buyer,
Product: the property for sale on the seller's website and may be a purchase, an order by the buyer
User: The person who visits and consults the site without making a purchase on the site, location or she is, how to connect to the site, the object and purpose of its access to the site.
The site administrator Sales Mr. Villiers Laurent
The e-commerce site: http://www.motoculture-online.fr.
These general conditions of sale apply to all sales made by Mr. Laurent VILLIER with professional buyers and non-professional buyers including the sale of all products offered by its Motoculture-online www internet sales site .motoculture-online.fr - and sales on other merchant site as Ebay.fr. The Site www.motoculture-online.fr sells spare parts from in rare cases of thermal machinery NEW disassembled for sale (off sale various other products)
The express and irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions arises:
- For users: access and navigation on my site here ecommerce
- For buyers: the conclusion of a contract of sale on the site.
all contracts with Mr. Villiers Laurent www.motoculture-online.fr are expressly subject to the acceptance of these terms and agreements (required to validate all orders). These general conditions of sale take precedence over any other general or special conditions not expressly accepted by the seller. The seller reserves the right and opportunity to modify at any time these terms and conditions without notice. these changes will apply only to sales incurred subsequent to the posting on the site of the modified terms and conditions of sale. the buyer is obliged to read the terms and conditions in effect before and the day of confirmation and validity of the order.
Prices and products are valid until they are visible and accessible on the website and in the stocks. All prices are in euro + shipping if applicable.
In case the buyer plans to export the item out of France, the seller declines all responsibility in case of non-compliance of the product with the legislation in force in a foreign country. the buyer will have quality product importer and agrees to comply with the legislation of the country of destination or product freight forwarder. The customs duty, local taxes, import duties or other state taxes that may be required are the sole responsibility of the buyer-importer. In case of temporary or indisponnibilité diffinitive the product, the buyer will be informed by email of as soon as possible and will be offered to the buyer or a new deadline or a similar or equivalent or article or to cancel the order and repayment of sums already paid. the exceptional case where the account of the buyer would have been charged while the property is no longer avaialble and the buyer opts for a refund, it will be refunded at the latest within 15 days of the payment.
The items offered on the site are guaranteed for 3 months (legal minimum). If necessary the buyer will contact the seller to explain the problem but the buyer acknowledges having read that the seller is not the service provider. After agreement of the seller the buyer can return the item for exchange or refund, transportation and management costs to / from and in some cases the return freight remaining the sole responsibility of the purchaser NOTE that garden-online treats certain customer orders direct supplier so the return will either directly to the garden-online address directly from the supplier which may be outside France (example: Belgium, but not limited to) the purchaser is informed the general condition of sale for a possible return of the article.
the conditions of validity of guarantees:
The buyer is aware that these items and products are sold for normal use by individuals (non-professional) and do not meet professional use. In case of non compliance with the conditions referred the seller will be exempt from liability.
Are excluded from all guarantees: all consumables and wear parts such as: Battery, Coal, launcher, launcher cloche, Carburetor, seal, Candle, bearings / gear / pinion whatever they may be, Lamier of hedge trimmer blades or other guide, chain saws, Segments, piston engine, head pruner ... non exhaustive list.
The validity of the order:
The validity of the order is subject to acceptance of these general conditions of sale, the realization and acceptance of the sales contract detailed by the purchaser, and the receipt of the payment by the seller. The order will include a web link to the seller and buyer to access the command. If any provision is not fulfilled the order will be considered invalid and rejected by the seller. otherwise it binds both parties to the contract. In case of unavailability of the item the customer will be informed as soon as possible and will have the opportunity to cancel the order. the customer will be able to seek reimbursement of amounts already paid at the latest within 15 days of payment or seek an alternative to a product with equivalent features. If garden-online exchange impossibility reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the customer. unavailability of the product can not engage the responsibility of motoculutre-online or entitlement to damages for the customer. Garden-online reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a command or a challenge to good reception of a command as proof of delivery has been certified by the load carrier distribution (example: La Poste ... Exapaq not exhaustive)
Process Control:
the order process proceeds in the following manner: the purchaser selects his product then validates his virtual basket after having verified the content and articles designation refereed. then he chooses his mode of settlement and delivery, take note of the general conditions of sale accept by the passage of a click and then validates what is irrevocable acceptance of the order and these General Terms and Conditions. Buyer completed the information on his identity and instead of billing and shipping including a telephone number for delivery. it checks the details of the order and the amount to be settled, corrects erroneous and invalid elements. the buyer take read and accept the general conditions of sale by ticking the box provided for this purpose. the purchaser receives a first acknowledgment of receipt of the order record, then a second confirmation email if all related elements to the order are met.
The price regulation:
The full price is payable to the order. There transfer of ownership only after payment of the full price. Mode of settlement: the buyer has the choice of payment method offered on the site (check, Paypal or bank transfer)
Their choice of transport mode the buyer has the sole discretion of the seller. the seller to the cost of risk during transport to delivery to the following conditions
Packages are shipped in most cases via La Poste usually within 2 days of receipt of the payment to note that this shipping time is indicative is under no contractual cases, the buyer must have verified delivery address and access. Buyer shall be solely responsible for any access impossibility has its landing door for the reasons mentioned above. the purchaser or a person authorized to represent the need to be present at the delivery date agreed with the seller or the carrier. if the buyer is absent and no person has been appointed habiletée, delivery will not be possible and the costs of a new delivery will be the responsibility of the buyer. delivery entails the transfer of risk to the buyer, the buyer is required to make any detailed written reservations, signed and dated on the delivery order, on any damage, defect or imcomplète order or improper eventually encountered. the buyer must send its reserves to the seller by email and in the shortest period. the buyer will be informed of the cost and delivery conditions before confirming the order. In case of loss of packages or delay in delivery, the seller will do its best to conduct its research investigation. the investigation may last for several days, Seller may be dependent on the time required by its carrier. No withdrawal on space as possible (Mail only)
An invoice can be issued by email directly but only on request.
Right to withdrawal:
Pursuant to the provisions of Article L 121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, for sales made on the Internet, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 7 days to exercise his right of withdrawal is from the receipt of the package, the shipping and return costs remaining the responsibility of the buyer .The products or items must be returned in their original condition. the soiled products damaged by the buyer or have been the subject of a use will not be accepted. To ensure the return and reception of the product, the buyer must contact the seller before returning and to guard against any risk of loss or damage by returning the product (s) (s) with a tracking number.
security of payment:
to lute against fraud to payment, the site is protected by a criptologie program. bank data criptées buyers are certified SSL. when ordering the seller may request a copy of a piece of identification to check the veracity of the information about the address and the identity of the buyer.
Data protection:
Buyers are advised that the personal data they provide to the seller are required for the delivery of parcels. these data are exclusively for the seller, pursuant to Article 38 and 40 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended by Law No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 relating to data, files and freedoms, buyers have the right to access and correct or oppose any data concerning them.
The seller may terminate the contract of right and without notice in the case of erroneous information or if the change of address was not provided to the seller. only people responsible for processing information breasts garden-online is addressed. the buyer declares his ability to contract. Minor buyer guarantees given permission from their parents or the person with parental authority.
Intellectual property:
Users are not allowed to reproduce, use, exploit the images displayed on the site. they are protected by the law of intellectual property.
Disputes and applicable law;
For any claim, the buyer must contact Mr. Laurent VILLIER accordance with these terms and conditions. in case of continuation disagreement between the parties any dispute relating to this contract shall be governed by French law. The seller is liable by force majeure, fault of the buyer or unpredictable and insurmountable third contract above.

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